Stump Grinding in Allentown and Lehigh Valley

Stump before grinding - allentown and lehigh valley, pennsylvania


Stump during grinding in Lehigh Valley


Stump after grinding in Allentown


Why go through the expense of having trees removed from your property only to leave unsightly stumps in their place? Grinding those stumps down below the surface of the topsoil allows for effective repair and replanting of the area. Stump grinding is much less expensive than stump removal processes and it eliminates the disturbance of the surrounding lawn area. The mulch created by the grinding process can even be recycled by using it on your flower beds to control weeds and maintain soil moisture. ​ ​

If you are tired of mowing around those unsightly stumps or just want to enhance the appearance of your property, give us a call. We’ll come out and inspect the area and give you a free estimate on the cost to grind those stumps down. If you use Harmony to remove your trees, we can include the cost of stump grinding in the overall estimate.

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